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The Big Bounce is a hypothetical cosmological model for the origin of the known universe. It was originally suggested as a phase of the cyclic model or oscillatory interpretation of the Big Bang, where the first cosmological event (genesis) was the result of the collapse of a previous universe. This concept seems through echo through our history. While not thought of as credible by most scientists today, the Big Bounce was once the dominant idea in physics. Even Einstein thought it to be true. He died thinking so.

The idea holds a certain place in our hearts. We see all around us, in the media, in our entertainment, and even with the people we're around: that things keep on repeating themselves. History seems to move in the only one direction, a cycle that never ends. As we grow as we experience more and more of life, and we learn a certain timelessness, as oxymoronic as that sounds. Things never change. People always stay the same. Cycles repeat, and time itself doesn't matter. Whether we speak of the rise, glory and fall of a civilization, or whether we record the birth, fusion and supernova of a star. Even life and death, genesis and apocalypse, which seem to be the ultimate end and beginning, are nothing but illusions.

A single white line shows the timeline. Follow it, and only it, till it reaches its end.

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