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Black on Black on Black: Image


Don't let the name fool you, this painting is indeed a minimalist work, holding true to the principles of Frank Stella and Barret Newman. However as one can clearly see, there is an aspect of this piece that permeates through the minimalist facade. As you stare into the writhing black, take care to note whether the image stays true in your mind, as you wander from shrouded figures without eyes, to cities of starless crystal that lie beside long-dried seas.

Will stars still shine in a world beset by an unforgiving and uncompromising dark? At the end of all things to come, when the last living creatures sleep at the feet of monstrous entities that reign in this void, when the stars have shed their last twinkle, will all be reduced to this and this alone? Black upon black upon black? Will such beings even bleed when cut?

Black on Black on Black: Text
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