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Coexistence: Image


In this scene, we are treated to an overlapping perspective. An ant sees the world differently from an eagle, and here the artist has showcased the many overlapping universes and their viewpoints. Hundreds of little figures lie in slashes in reality, their limbs fading in and out of existence. Around them lie all sorts of the most curious forms of life. We see gigantic crabs with a hundred legs and a thousand eyes, living in their cities of silver. We hear an infinity of praises, from creatures made or gas and light as they dance around a giant pyre for all eternity.

A world of green marble, inhabited only by corpses. A paradise of well flooded wheat fields, the spirits of heroes wandering in gold light. All of this, and more, is depicted here in the most difficult of ways: by overlapping it within our own reality.

It is said that there are strange creatures all around us. Faith tells us of Djinn and Devils, and science speaks to us of dark matter and black holes. Yet all these interest on one focal point: that this universe of ours is full of things that seem to belong to “other” realities.

It may be that this first instinct of classifying these terrors are “other” may indeed by correct. A leak, ever so small from their world, might manifest as cosmic strangeness and horror in our world. This painting is titled coexistence, since that is something we simply DO. But, it may be more accurate to title the work as “Ignorance”.

Coexistence: Text
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