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In every world there lie a thousand secrets, hidden from both mind and soul. In every secret, lies a thousand worlds, hidden from sight and smell.

This world that we inhabit is but one facet of God’s creation. One edge of an infinitely bladed knife. When it cuts the flesh, blood seeps from all wounds in a waterfall of creation.

According to String Theory, the everything is composed (at the smallest level) if infinitesimally thin string, the vibrations of which form our “hard matter”. Like the strings of a guitar playing a song, each song constitutes a different form of matter. Each string is set to just a single pitch, but as the universe ages on and on, these notes begin to flatline. At the end of all things lies heath death, the very end of our universe will come once the last star has died and the last black hole has evaporated. No light left behind, and certainly no eyes left with which to see this all-consuming dark.

Only the strings remain. The song might be different, and the instrument might have changed as well, and the whole world might be an inky mess of black, but the strings still sound.

And somewhere, through the far reaches of space and across the edge of the universe, lies a whole new bubble, with a whole new set of strings.

In these bubbles, new worlds and new strings sing new songs, the likes of which our puny senses could never even imagine.

This leads one to wonder… What if they are already here? Singing their song to deaf ears, universes intersecting with one another. Just as people come in and out of our lives, so to do these mechanical universes drift in and out of each other. Existence is a funny thing.

But the joke is best enjoyed when one realizes how blind they truly are.

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