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The Earth Mother's gaze is unflinching. Her eyes are diamonds struck clean of lies, her lips a ruby red blaze, and the gentle creators and caregivers of the primeval world still cling to her. But now, she is fire. Her hair is writhing flame. Her contemplation holds only fury. The acrid smoke burns a deep and putrid scar into the Earth, and the innumerable and timeless spirits die and are reborn. To the left, one sees the infinitum that arises from the unchanging nature of the human soul. The singularity is both always there and never fully conceptualized. A part of us keeps searching, giving birth to spirits and angels and demons that we carry within us.

To the right the scene turns chaotic, as the mother's fury becomes fully apparent to us. We are shown glimpses; a lone boat riding the mercy of the waves under a yellow moon, a hidden forest that remembers the world of the land before time, and the women, their breasts and wombs bulging, dance in the expose of creation. The innumerable figures of this piece all stem from a single truth, and a single artistic testament.

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