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Very few things in this world are “not for sale”. Almost everyone has a price.

Farmers trade grain for vegetables in the old market stall. A group of children exchange trading card, whispering over their latest find. A newlywed couple, drugged up on dopamine, trades months and months of wages for a slightly shiny, mostly worthless rock.


A hungry father chains his oldest into the hands of the slavers, traded away for a loaf of bread. Crowds of unfeeling brokers trade a hundred retirement funds into the ground. A group of besieged women and children trade away their humanity as they cut into the flesh of their fallen.


All this, and more, is depicted here. You will see innumerable figures, their hands outstretched in trading, buying, selling and staking. From the merchant setting off in his new ship, unaware of the pirates lurking in the fog. To the priest quietly pocketing a few coins from the donation bin. Many things that are not for sale, can be traded in exchange for a little blood, sweat, and tears.

Though in the end, when the final auction hammer of judgement is struck, we shall all have to pay

for the sins and blessings we have wrought.

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