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This painting depicts the movement of currency in the abstract. Humans and their trading behavior have been well studied, but what is less known is the trading patterns of other life forms. Various kinds of fish, mammals and birds all engage trade between their own species and with other species. Perhaps the most interesting “trade” in biology is the symbiotic one. Rare, but seen in almost every biome, two different species come together to form a single more powerful life-form.


Here, we wish to show you some examples of multi-dimensional symbiotic relationships. Even human beings are said to have a guardian angel, and it is the opinion of the artist that these such relationships are symbiotic in nature as well. Either that, or the angel is somehow parasitic on the human, which is a thought too disturbing to consider. We also see the idea of such “soul-parasites” depicted here, invisibly leeching off humans from unseen dimensions. In the seas, many fish find themselves infected with odd parasites. Long tubular tentacles with glass teeth that begin to grow out of a fish’s head, octopi hollowed inside out by a clutch of larval eggs; these are merely some of the horrors that await us in the far deep.


And why should the far above be any different? We are shown of certain shadows that dance near the edge of black holes, gobbling them up slowly. Massive membraned stalks that will outlive even the heath death of the universe. To these creatures, we’re no different than ants. Let’s hope an anteater never stops by our little hill.

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